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Crimsonbridge Foundation Increases Environmental Sustainability Partnerships

Photo Source: Casey Trees

Washington, DC - Advancing environmental sustainability in the Nation’s Capital will require the engagement and participation of all who work and live in the region. Fortunately, there are local nonprofit organizations effectively working towards this very goal. Joining their endeavors is the Crimsonbridge Foundation, which has awarded nearly a quarter of a million dollars in the past year to partner with organizations in the Greater Washington region addressing environmental concerns - including improvements to air and water quality, tree canopy, biodiversity, and more. "Crimsonbridge is a national foundation, but our team members call the Washington, DC Metropolitan area home," says Danielle M. Reyes, President & CEO of the Crimsonbridge Foundation. "As we planned our first ten years of grantmaking and community partnerships, we knew we had to get involved in environmental sustainability." Reyes brings both expertise and passion to environmental causes. With a background as a Maryland Master Naturalist, Stream Team Leader, and co-chair of her Ward 4 DC neighborhood’s Green Team, she is deeply connected to local environmental efforts. 


In 2023, Crimsonbridge awarded its first grants in environmental sustainability while learning from and alongside organizations in the region. This year, the Foundation focused its grantmaking on implementing tangible improvements to address environmental health and the effects of climate change in our region. The work includes initiatives to increase tree canopy coverage, enhance water and air quality, bolster forest resiliency, re-green urban areas, and increase native plant species to support biodiversity. Reyes shares, "Targeted investments in these critical areas, with an emphasis on inclusive community engagement and green workforce initiatives, are essential to safeguarding our region's environmental wellbeing."  


Photo Source: Friends of Anacostia Park

During Earth Month 2024, Crimsonbridge Foundation awarded $130,000 to seven grantee community partners working in the Greater Washington region, including Casey Trees, Chesapeake Natives, Friends of Anacostia Park, Nature Forward, Potomac Conservancy, Rock Creek Conservancy, and Ward 8 Woods Conservancy

Established in 2015, Crimsonbridge Foundation is an entrepreneurial philanthropic partner committed to going beyond grantmaking to collaborate with community partners in Education, Leadership, Capacity Building, and Environmental Sustainability to create transformative solutions to improve the lives of our nation’s youth and families.


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