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We are driven by the conviction that advancing the nonprofit sector and working to improve and scale education are critical for our youth to succeed, our communities across America to prosper, and for our country to thrive. And we believe that improving educational quality, access, and graduation rates for all students are key to building a strong future for our nation. 

We take a strategic and entrepreneurial approach to our work and consider our support an investment in social change. We actively participate in our work, providing innovative focus, strategic advice, collaboration with other organizations, and program development support.  

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The Crimsonbridge Foundation emerged from its Founder and Executive Chair’s vision and years of engagement in education as both a recipient and practitioner of philanthropy. The daughter of a foreign service officer, Gabriela Smith immigrated to the United States in her early twenties. An avid student, she learned English, earned scholarships, and received undergraduate and graduate degrees at UCLA and a second master’s degree from Harvard University. Applying her education and her desire to help others, she began her professional career in social work, with a belief that innovative well-designed programs could have transformative results for families. A strategic and successful investor, Smith began to work as an anonymous donor while raising her family. Over nearly 20 years, she formed a unique and active style of collaborative philanthropy, contributing both her experience and resources. In this manner, she co-designed numerous projects with education and community partners – including churches, independent schools, universities, nonprofits, and research organizations. As these initiatives were brought to scale, replicated, and grew in success, she was inspired by the impact that could be achieved through philanthropy. Combined with her love for design and entrepreneurial spirit, Smith created Crimsonbridge Group working through the nation’s top donor advised funds to help families learn and live healthy productive lives in the United States and abroad.


In 2015, she founded and endowed the Crimsonbridge Foundation bringing on Danielle M. Reyes, an entrepreneur and nationally recognized leader in philanthropy and the nonprofit sector, as a strategic thought partner and the Foundation’s first executive director. As a Latina-led organization, Crimsonbridge is one of the two percent of foundations in the United States with Hispanic leadership. Together, they challenge themselves to go beyond traditional philanthropic models and create partnerships and grantmaking programs driven by equity, innovation, and entrepreneurialism. They embrace opportunities to use design, communications, and technology in building cross-sector partnerships and grantmaking programs and have established a team of diverse and talented staff who consult and guide programs in Education, Leadership, and Capacity Building with impressive results. In 2020, inspired by the impact and success of its work, Crimsonbridge became a private operating foundation with plans to expand its philanthropic work and positive community impact. Today, Smith actively serves as Founder and Executive Chair of Crimsonbridge alongside Reyes, who is now President and CEO of the growing foundation.


The belief that there is talent, intelligence, and creativity ready to flourish in every child. The more children and youth realize their full potential, the more our country thrives socially and economically. 


Through partnerships and collaboration we work within and across sectors to develop innovative solutions, invest in successful programs, and work with nonprofits to augment their impact.


That every student in America has the true opportunity to succeed through education and grow as productive members of our communities. That parents are able to access information about programs to support their children.


Our commitment to participate, engage, listen, and learn with the communities we serve. 

It is our approach to philanthropy and community partnership.

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