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The Crimsonbridge Group is a social investment and philanthropic platform dedicated to promoting education, developing leadership, and creating bridges of collaboration to affect positive, lasting social change.  

As a philanthropic platform, the Crimsonbridge Group brings together independent entities that are aligned in vision and commitment to social change. The Crimsonbridge Group is comprised of the Crimsonbridge Foundation, the Crimsonbridge Group, LLC, and various Donor Advised Funds at leading national philanthropic organizations. This collaborative and entrepreneurial philanthropic model supports the Foundation's mission, operations, and grantmaking. It emboldens our work bringing together innovations and possibilities to our partnerships to achieve greater impact.

The Crimsonbridge Group has been actively engaged in the social sector for over 20 years. Founded and led by Gabriela Smith, it has designed and implemented new scholarship and educational programs for children and youth, on topics ranging from language learning and wellness, to empowering youth and leadership training. It has also served as a consultant and advisor on numerous development, funding, and innovation projects for schools, parishes, nonprofits, and venture philanthropy organizations. We are honored to provide advisory services and collaborate on funding new initiatives with foundations, donor-advised funds, and nonprofit organizations serving children, youth, and families. For advisory services please contact us here.


Our work includes the cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial partnerships in education, to help bridge the education gap. Through our partnerships, educators working with underserved students have the same professional development opportunities as teachers in independent schools. The CB Group collaborates closely with the Foundation, co-investing in many of its innovative programs. 

Gabriela Smith founded the Crimsonbridge Foundation in 2015, and is currently leading its strategic vision, plan, and path forward as its Executive Chair, working in close collaboration with the Foundation's President and Chief Executive Officer, Danielle M. Reyes.  

The Foundation celebrated its fifth anniversary in 2020, having built a solid portfolio and a team of 5 full-time talented professionals with expertise in philanthropy, education, college completion, leadership development, capacity building, communications, venture philanthropy, nonprofit and foundation management, Catholic initiatives, social service, and extended community engagement.


We take a strategic and entrepreneurial approach to grantmaking and consider our support an investment in social change. We actively participate in our work, providing an innovative focus, strategic advice, collaboration with other organizations, and program development support.  


Our portfolio includes:​​​​​​​​


  • ​Transformative Investing, where we seek to develop innovative, strategic ways to address social problems, with measurable and sustainable results, to create positive and lasting social impact.

  • High Engagement Investing, where we add value to​​​ our grants by contributing time and sector expertise,​​​ and help create bridges of collaboration within and across sectors.

  • ​​​​Collaborative Investing, where we support well-established social impact organizations, and our grants focus on their mission and program support.​​​

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We are proud to have been thought partners, supporters, and collaborators with The Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning (CTTL) at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School since its inception. Launched in 2009, the CTTL creates and innovates in the field of Mind, Brain, and Education Science. The Center's goal is to empower teachers and school leaders from all sectors to gain important, effective classroom and school management strategies by training them in the principles and strategies of neuroeducation – the process of how the brain learns.

In 2010, Crimsonbridge and the CTTL identified an opportunity to expand the reach of the CTTL by cultivating an innovative public-private partnership with Teach For America – DC Region (TFA). This partnership evolved to form an annual, year-long professional development program, the Brain Science and Content Development Collaborative. The Collaborative allows TFA teachers, who instruct students in some of the most challenged and under-served schools in the Greater Washington Region, to participate in the CTTL’s cutting edge training for educators. Our hope is that training these teachers in the principles and strategies of neuroeducation will allow them to maximize their effectiveness, and their students to achieve their highest potential. Learn more about the CTTL here.


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