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Education is critical for our youth to succeed, our communities across America to prosper, and our country to thrive. We believe that improving educational access, outcomes, and graduation rates for all students is a national priority. This conviction inspires our work and drives our commitment to provide individuals with an excellent education and a clear pathway to success. We build partnerships with local and national organizations to increase their impact and advance innovation.

Our education portfolio focuses on 3 programmatic areas:

Education Imperative

College Success

English Language Programs



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The College Success program works in partnership with direct-service nonprofits, high school districts, colleges and universities, and research organizations to advance college student success, both locally and nationally. We invest in innovative, student-centered practices, programs, and research that help students overcome barriers to achieve their dreams. Our work focuses on cultivating meaningful collaborations, centering the contributions of students, and promoting completion for all college students, especially for first-generation and students underrepresented in higher education. 


Learning English is critical for individuals to improve their employment opportunities, support their children's educational success, and become citizens. The Crimsonbridge Foundation partners with organizations that launch innovative programs to help immigrants in the Greater Washington region acquire the English language skills needed to more fully and equitably participate in the civic, social, and economic life of our country.

The Crimsonbridge Foundation launched the Education Imperative to improve educational access, outcomes, and graduation rates in our country. The Education Imperative takes a whole-community approach to increase student enrollment and Hispanic family engagement in Catholic schools. Working in partnership with principals, teachers, pastors, families, and students, the Education Imperative’s multi-pronged strategy invests in leadership, enhances organizational capacity, and makes tuition assistance available for families.



Local college students advanced towards completing their Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree


Increase in Latino enrollment in the Archdiocese of Washington since 2015


Individuals learned the English language skills they needed to further their goals


"Today's students come from all walks of life, including nearly 4 million who are parenting while pursuing their degree. While the faces of today’s college students have changed, the higher ed system is still playing catch up. From disaggregating student success metrics by variables like race and parenting status to investing in wraparound supports to help students overcome systemic barriers, we can redesign postsecondary education to support all of today's students."

Nicole Lynn Lewis, Founder & CEO, Generation Hope

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