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Conversation with Zahra Abdi, a Crimsonbridge Philanthropy Fellow

Why were you interested in becoming a Crimsonbridge Philanthropy Fellow?

I wanted to become a Crimsonbridge Philanthropy Fellow Program because I wanted to enhance my research, writing, administrative, and collaborative skills, as well as learn more about the philanthropy and nonprofit sector.

What project or activity did you find most interesting, and why?

I liked working on the grant file audit project because it was interesting to see which organizations Crimsonbridge has worked with in the past and for what reason. I reviewed all of the foundation’s grant files to ensure that each grant had all of the necessary components. While tedious at times, it gave me a deeper insight into the foundation’s goals and values.

What was your favorite program area, and why?

My favorite program area is the English Language Initiatives program because I am a child of immigrants and English is my second language, so I have a personal connection to the area. I loved reading through English Language Initiative grant proposals and learning about the different ways people are being taught English, as well as the different challenges that come with teaching English during a pandemic.

What is one skill you learned that you might use in the future?

Reading between the lines to get to the nitty gritty of what someone is asking.

What’s next for Zahra?

In the fall of 2022, I will be a freshman at Boston University. I plan on majoring in Ancient Greek and Latin and minoring in Archaeology and English, although this is subject to change. During the week prior to the start of school, I am going to work with the BU Community Service Center to help victims of food injustice.


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