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Conversation with Paige Collazo, a Crimsonbridge Philanthropy Fellow

Why were you interested in becoming a Crimsonbridge Philanthropy Fellow? 

I was interested in becoming a Crimsonbridge Philanthropy Fellow because I wanted to gain more experience working in the nonprofit sector. I knew it would be a great opportunity to expand my knowledge of nonprofits and learn the ins and outs of a philanthropic foundation.

What project or activity did you find most interesting, and why?

Writing news pieces for both the Crimsonbridge and LeaderBridge websites was my most interesting project. My favorite news piece was a series that I worked on for the LeaderBridge website about the participation of local nonprofit leaders in LeaderBridge cohorts. I am planning on pursuing journalism in college and appreciated the chance to enhance my writing skills.

Did anything surprise you during your time at Crimsonbridge?  

Over the summer, I have participated in a couple virtual site visits. The site visits were more conversational and casual than I expected. I now understand that the reason Crimsonbridge staff go above and beyond to be welcoming and friendly is because they want to establish long-term relationships and stronger connections with local and national nonprofit leaders.  

What was your favorite program area, and why? 

Leadership Development has become my favorite program area. I had the opportunity to work on communications projects for the LeaderBridge program and I joined Program Officer Robyn on site visits for the Women and Girls Leadership and Civic Engagement program area. I enjoyed those conversations with local nonprofit leaders and learning about the different LeaderBridge programs.  

What is one skill you learned that you might use in the future? 

One skill that I learned from my experience as a fellow is how to work with Microsoft Teams and Outlook. Crimsonbridge staff taught me how to use these platforms that high schools may not use but are common in the workplace.  

What’s next for Paige? 

In the fall, I will be starting my last year of high school and beginning the college application process. 


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