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Crimsonbridge Triples Funding to Support Women’s and Girls' Leadership and Civic Engagement Programs and the People Who Run Them

Washington, DC – The Crimsonbridge Foundation has awarded 15 local, regional, and national organizations $340,000 in grants through its Women and Girls' Leadership and Civic Engagement program. The grants represent an increased investment aimed at encouraging civic engagement, increasing representation, and building power for women and girls across the United States. 

Photo source: Girls on the Run DC

In addition to expanding its Women and Girls’ Leadership and Civic Engagement Program, the foundation awarded two types of grants to its community partners: program grants to help scale specific projects and wellness grants to support the teams driving this essential work forward. A surprise addition for all 15 community partners, the $10,000 wellness grants were awarded to support expenses related to supporting staff mental, physical, and overall wellness; coaching or training; or personal or professional development.  

“We recognize the gravity, urgency, and pressure of working to build an inclusive and equitable future for women and girls across the country” says Gabriela Smith, Founder and Executive Chair of the Crimsonbridge Foundation. “Supporting programs and addressing wellness is a way of standing with our community leaders and their teams at this time” added the foundation’s President and CEO Danielle M. Reyes. 

Photo source: She Should Run

In addition to grantmaking, Crimsonbridge is also encouraging others to get involved in supporting equity and increasing the representation of women and girls in leadership. “These are outstanding organizations doing timely work,” says Robyn Attebury Ellis, who oversees the foundation’s program area.  “There are numerous opportunities to become an informed and engaged participant in this important movement.” 

How can you support women and girls now?  

  • Invest: Consider donating to initiatives that support women’s and girls’ leadership and civic engagement.  

  • Participate: Volunteer and attend events hosted by these organizations to learn more and show your support.  

  • Nominate and Encourage: Recommend individuals in your network – colleagues, young people, family members, friends, or neighbors – to engage with these organizations, participate in their programs, and even run for office! 

  • Share Your Stories: Spread the word about the impact leadership and civic engagement programs and organizations have had in your own life and inspire others! 

Photo source: Running Start

Investing in the leadership development and civic engagement of women and girls in the United States matters now more than ever. Join us! 

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