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Building communications capacity for an inclusive and equitable future


We partner with organizations committed to strengthening their communications capacity to implement research-based, effective strategies to reach and engage families. The Bridges Program provides strategic capacity building support to increase the availability of Spanish-language and multilingual communications to connect families with resources that will support their success and full community participation.

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Why Bilingual Communications?

11% of the population in the Greater Washington region self-identify as limited in their English proficiency, compared to 8.6% of US residents. For members of the community who have limited English proficiency, information in their native language serves as a means to participate in and access essential services, programs, and educational opportunities. Making critical information available in Spanish and other languages provides a bridge for English language learners and serves as a means for nonprofits to reach families and adults, and through them, the next generation of youth.

The Bridges Program


Bridges for Nonprofits


Bridges for



Bridges for


Bridges for Nonprofits
Bridges for Schools
Bridges for Census

We work with nonprofits to build their communications capacity by developing tools and resources that effectively reach and engage members of the community who speak Spanish. Each grant is customized to the nonprofit’s mission, organizational culture, target audience, and existing capacity. Crimsonbridge provides research-based technical assistance and encourages partners to take a multipronged approach.


To date, organizations have worked with professionals to accurately translate Spanish-language content, design Spanish-language microsites, develop bilingual social media strategies, incorporate inclusive imagery, and create Spanish-language or bilingual video and audio content.

Bridges for Nonprofits


In 2018, Crimsonbridge Foundation launched Bridges for Schools to provide resources and tools for Catholic schools to build Spanish and bilingual communications capacity to successfully welcome and engage Latino students and their families.


Click here to read more about this program.

Bridges for Schools


In 2019, the Crimsonbridge Foundation expanded its Bridges Program to engage historically undercounted populations in the census. According to the Census Bureau, English language learners and immigrants have been historically undercounted. Five nonprofit partners were selected based not only on their outreach strategy, but on their knowledge, established relationships, and expertise working with multi-lingual immigrant communities.


The impact of these partners’ work was exponential – they collectively reached more than 250,000 immigrants, people of color, and English language learners, which resulted in securing tens of millions of additional dollars to the Greater Washington region.

Bridges for Census



Since 2015, Crimsonbridge Foundation has partnered with 16 nonprofits through Bridges for Nonprofits and Bridges for Census and 16 schools through Bridges for Schools. 


Bridges for Nonprofit partners created Spanish-language website content or microsites


immigrants, people of color, and English language learners reached by Bridges for Census nonprofit partners


Bridges for Nonprofit partners developed Spanish-language or bilingual video content


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