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Selma Caal Joins Crimsonbridge as Director of Research and Program Development

The Crimsonbridge Foundation is pleased to welcome Selma Caal as its Director of Research and Program Development. In this role, Selma will provide evidence-informed and evidence-based information for program improvement and program development across the Foundation’s initiatives.

Selma holds a doctoral degree in developmental psychology from George Mason University and has over 15 years of experience studying child/youth and family well-being. She has extensive experience with qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, including measure development, data quality assurance, data management, and analysis. Her research has focused on factors associated with socioemotional and educational outcomes of diverse children/youth, and community engagement of Latino and immigrant parents.

Previously, as a Research Scientist at Child Trends, Selma conducted program evaluations examining impact and implementation data. Selma served as the lead researcher for an implementation evaluation across a number of school readiness programs serving low-income parents and preschoolers of diverse backgrounds. She also led and collaborated in a number of measure development projects for program performance management, program evaluation, and research studies, including the development of a tool to measure students’ social and emotional skills. Selma has also conducted a number of literature reviews, including a review of school models that offer wrap-around services to support students’ educational opportunities.

Selma is an expert in translating study findings into recommendations for stakeholders, program implementation and development. She has presented at congressional briefings and has briefed senior federal officials regarding issues affecting children’s educational outcomes. In addition to her research and evaluation experience, Selma has over 20 years of experience in applied settings in schools and as a family counselor across the United States. Currently, Selma serves on the board of directors of Wonders, a nonprofit early learning and extended day care provider located in Bethesda,MD.

“I believe that education, whether it is formal education or professional development, is the key to improving the wellbeing of our nation’s communities.” Says Caal, “The Crimsonbridge foundation is committed to investing in programs that provide these educational opportunities for youth, families, and community leaders and I am so honored to be part of it.”


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