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Local and National Partners Are Giving Women and Girls New Models of Leadership and Civic Engagement

During Women’s History Month, we are sharing the powerful work of our local and national partners who are transforming what women and girls’ leadership and civic engagement looks like. Whether you’re a funder, volunteer, parent, or community advocate, here are some organizations to watch:

Photo Source: Girls on the Run DC

  • At the intersection of art and activism, Girls Rock! DC is providing music programs for youth ages 8-18+ to build inclusive, supportive, and equitable spaces to discover their rockin’ selves. Volunteer opportunities are available. Learn more about their school-year and summer programs for youth and adult music retreat here.

  • Women are 51% of the US population, yet only 28% of Congress. She Should Run has resources for women considering a run for elected office, including a starter kit, incubator program, and online community, and they continue to capture our hearts. Take the quiz and get connected here.

  • Girls on the Run DC is building our next generation of leaders, one girl at a time. Through coaching, 5Ks, and more, this nonprofit has made connections with 21,000+ girls across DC and parts of Prince George’s County, MD. Sign up to volunteer or coach here.

  • Community Bridges turns 25 this year, and has been providing coaching, connection, and support for young leaders in high school in Montgomery County, and for siblings, cousins, and neighbors! Listen to these girls and alumni tell their CB story here.

  • Chica Project is about solidarity and sisterhood, and is investing in wellbeing to help young women and girls of color in Massachusetts thrive personally and professionally. Their leadership training work is inspiring. Learn more about their community-based, school-year, and bootcamp programming here.

  • IGNITE is on college campuses across the US. And now, IGNITE is building out a High School Series where girls can practice the skills needed to be engaged in communities, boards, and commissions, and to support women running for elected office. Join one of their upcoming workshops or learn more here.

Consider donating, volunteering, or spreading the word about these organization and others committed to women and girls leadership and civic engagement.


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