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Checking in on Casey Trees’ Conservation Easements

Guest blog by Spenser Balog, Casey Trees 

Here at Casey Trees, our conservation easements are dedicated to restoring fragmented patches of urban forest, fostering vibrant urban ecosystems, promoting public health, and safeguarding green spaces for both tree growth and community engagement with nature. Collaborating closely with local landowners, we undertake stewardship efforts to enhance these sites’ natural conditions. Now, let’s delve into some of our easement sites and the ongoing projects aimed at their preservation. 

We recently hosted our annual Earth Day cleanup event at our New Hampshire Ave conservation easement site, adjacent to the Hellbender Brewing Company. This property, colloquially referred to as “Hellbender Hill” is a hilly forested slope owned and managed by the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). In partnership with DDOT’s Urban Forestry Division, Anacostia Watershed Society, Hellbender Beer, and the Crimsonbridge Foundation, this year we successfully removed several full bags of trash and recycling and cleared a large portion of the understory by removing invasive plants and vines. Young trees can now thrive with greater light access and will contribute to the natural regeneration and restoration of the site.  



Casey Trees is a community partner of Crimsonbridge’s Environmental Sustainability program.  



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