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Casey Trees Brings Watershed Educational Experiences to DC Schools

Guest post by Christina Hester, Casey Trees

In a world facing unprecedented environmental challenges, educating our youth about the importance of environmental stewardship is crucial. Here at Casey Trees, we go about this through a variety of educational programs such as Nature Near Schools and our Treewise Camp Program. But recently, we have taken a significant step toward expanding our reach with the support of a generous grant from the Crimsonbridge Foundation.

Photo source: Casey Trees
Photo source: Casey Trees

This opportunity has enabled Casey Trees to grow on our innovative environmental education program, which delivers standard-aligned environmental literacy lessons to 5th-grade students in DCPS (DC Public Schools) and DCPCS (DC Public Charter Schools). We will be instructing 90 students by partnering with up to three Title 1 schools, which serve economically disadvantaged students. In addition, one of these schools will include Spanish language instruction, ensuring that students from diverse backgrounds have access to this vital environmental education.

Environmental education is essential in fostering an understanding of our natural world and empowering students to make informed decisions about environmental issues. With climate change, biodiversity loss, and other ecological challenges threatening our planet, the need for comprehensive environmental education has never been greater.

Photo source: Casey Trees
Photo source: Casey Trees

Casey Trees is a community partner of Crimsonbridge’s Environmental Sustainability program.


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