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She Should Run’s Signature Curriculum Offers Many Examples of Public Leadership

Guest post by She Should Run

While we often talk about public leadership in reference to running for office, it doesn’t have to look like serving in an elected role! She Should Run’s Signature Curriculum will help you step up for your community in a way that works for you.

She Should Run offers simple actions you can take, workshops, courses, resources, and networking – all meant for women who want to show up for their communities but need help figuring out how to get started.

Source: She Should Run

The Signature Curriculum includes current offerings to help:

  • Find your Purpose

  • Get Civically Involved

  • Prepare for a Future Run

  • Connect with a Greater Ecosystem

To learn more about these offerings, community, or She Should Run, visit

She Should Run is a partner of the Crimsonbridge Foundation’s Women and Girls Leadership and Civic Engagement program.


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