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New Research on Hispanic Teachers and Leaders in Catholic Education

The Roche Center for Catholic Education at Boston College has released a national study just in time for Catholic Schools Week. This research expands upon a study released in 2016 on Hispanic families and Catholic schools, which found that leadership is a critical component for building a school culture that is welcoming and meets the needs of all students. The new report examines the unique assets of Hispanic teachers and leaders serving in Catholic schools and investigates pathways to attract and cultivate talent within the Hispanic community. The Crimsonbridge Foundation partnered with the Roche Center to support this research as part of the Foundation’s Education Imperative, a whole-community approach to building school communities that are welcoming and inclusive to Latino families.

In October 2022, the Roche Center will host a National Summit on Hispanic Teachers and Leaders in Catholic Schools, bringing together more than 200 Catholic school leaders, teachers, diocesan leaders, and philanthropists to discuss the results from the study and envision practical strategies to be implemented at the national and local levels. Visit the Roche Center website for more information on the upcoming summit.

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