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Crimsonbridge releases “The College Completion Gap: An Action Guide for Philanthropy”

A college degree is still the single most influential determinant of multigenerational progress and ending the cycle of poverty. Across the United States, the contributions of philanthropists, foundations, and donor-advised funds are having a transformational impact on education, and gifts dedicated to helping first-generation students and students from under-resourced backgrounds have been a traditional way to give the next generation a key to a better future. However, while colleges continue to admit students from economically and culturally diverse backgrounds, the ability to pay college tuition is only part of the challenge that holds many students back from graduating. Even if they receive scholarships, only 42% of first-generation college students earn a bachelor’s degree within six years. To address these outcomes, philanthropy must engage in new ways. Crimsonbridge is pleased to release “The College Completion Gap: An Action Guide for Philanthropy” a new publication and resource for philanthropy to support student success and increase college graduation rates. Based on the foundation’s college success focused work, research, and practice with diverse partners and stakeholders, the guide offers context on the current state of college success and presents the most compelling opportunities to direct dollars towards student-centered solutions. The Guide presents four high impact opportunities for philanthropy to address unmet needs, remove systemic barriers to success, and contribute to areas of under-investment. These are philanthropic investments that can change the lives of millions of students and address the urgent need to increase college completion rates across


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