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A Conversation About Wellness and Nonprofit Leadership

Last January Crimsonbridge co-hosted a listening session with 20 leaders who expressed interest in topics they would like to see discussed in 2022. Informed by that meeting, earlier this year the Washington Area Women’s Foundation (WAWF) hosted a webinar for nonprofit leaders on wellness and leadership.

The WAWF #AskHer Series conversation featured an interview between WAWF Interim Executive Director Jackie Lendsey, LeaderBridge alum Diana Ortiz, President & CEO of Doorways and LeaderBridge partner, and C. Marie Taylor, President & Principal Consultant of Equity Through Action. Danielle M. Reyes, President & CEO at the Crimsonbridge Foundation offered opening remarks and expressed gratitude for the attention given to this important topic. Now as leaders face the giving season and planning for 2023, we’re reposting this video! Hear actionable strategies that leaders and teams can use to address staffing, burnout, fatigue and other persistent challenges.

Watch the recorded webinar at


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